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Cabana - Design System for Figma (Standard Edition)

Marc Andrew
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Cabana is a Design System for Figma that enables you to create UIs quicker, allowing you to present your design ideas much faster.

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Loved by over 2500+ Designers...

"What used to take me a full day, now I can complete within a 1/3 of the time. Meaning I can be more productive and then step away to fine-tune it quickly."

- Angel V

"I was able to build whole designs and complex UX flows in a matter of hours, and it was incredibly easy to see a project through with minimal headaches."

- Preston C

"Cabana saved me an enormous amount of time from not having to design UI Components that would otherwise have taken me many days of hard work."

- Erwin H

"I've been using Cabana for a few weeks and absolutely love it. It's helped boost my productivity a lot (like 10x or something)."

- Quan M

Product Details -

  • One Time Payment. No Subscription
  • 'No Risk' 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Updates
  • Single User Licence
  • 1080+ Custom Built Main Components
  • 1700+ Icons (2 Icon Sets - Tabler & Eva)
  • 650+ Highly Customisable Pre-Styled Components
  • 540 Text, Colour, and Effects Styles
  • Powered by Auto-Layout v3
  • Powered by Variants
  • Auto-Updating Style Guide (Light & Dark)
  • Detailed 45 Page User Guide (PDF & EPUB format)
  • BONUS #1: 37 Desktop & Mobile Examples ('Built with Cabana')
  • BONUS #2: 176 Design Blocks. Mid-Fi Elements for an even faster workflow
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What's Included...

Cabana 5.1 for Figma
Figma file
Cabana 45 Page User Guide
BONUS: 'Built with Cabana'
38 Desktop & Mobile Examples
BONUS: 176 Design Blocks
Mid-Fi Elements for an even faster workflow


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Cabana - Design System for Figma (Standard Edition)

8 ratings
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